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Not one for mincing words, he's survived numerous battles against the Soviet Union through regimented training, raw talent, determination, and tenacity. He's a born leader and fighter, prepared to defend the Allies' freedoms to his last breath.

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UFC Heavyweight Champion and Hall of Famer Randy "the Natural" Couture is the only 5-time champion in the organization's history and the most revered fighter in mixed-martial arts history. Although "Captain America" is most known for his successes in the caged octagon, Couture wears many hats and has also made his name as a proud veteran of the 101st Airborne, sports commentator, motivational speaker, actor, bestselling author, businessman, philanthropist, and now video game star as Commander Warren Fuller in RA3. Always one to overcome the odds, Couture is slated to defend his title against the 265-pound Brock Lesnar in November in a UFC megafight. For more information on Randy Couture, please visit:

In Red Alert 3, Couture lends his voice and stars as Warren Fuller, Commander of the Allied Forces!




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-Commander Warren Fuller in RA3- 워렌장군<BR><BR>트레일러 중간에 한번 찍혔음<BR><BR>그나저나 포스 좀 나는듯


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Commander 이니 장군(General)이 아니라 사령관으로 불러야 맞겠죠.<BR>아니면 중령이라고 할 수도 있겠고....해군 계급에서 Commander는 중령이니....<BR><BR>항상&nbsp;느끼는 거지만 레드얼럿에서 계급고증 개념이라는건 아예 없는가 봅니다. 레드얼럿 2에서만 해도 에바를 중위로 불렀는데 실제 계급장 보면 소령이었고.....레드얼럿 3에서의 에바의 계급장 중위면서 계급장은 왠 부사관? 연합군의 사령관인 로버트 빙햄도 계급은 원수(Field Marshal)라고 부르면서 막상 계급장은 중장.....


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<P>맨손으로 소련군을 캐발라버리는 동영상이 나올지도...-_-);</P>


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<P>101공수 베테랑에 유일무이한 UFC 헤비급 5회 챔피언 -_-);;;<BR>그런데 방금 HBO 드라마 제네레이션 킬 을 다 봐서 그런지 "캡틴 아메리카" 하니 좀 안좋은 이미지만 떠오릅니다 ㅇㅈㄴ</P>


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